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Circle Creations has been creating and designing hemp, natural, and organic fiber clothing since 1996.  Based in Eugene, Oregon, Circle Creations was built from the ground up by upholding a quality product, sustained customer base,  and dedication to working with hemp and other sustainable fibers.
    Today, Circle Creations continues to thrive as an online business, in physical form at festivals along the west coast, and is featured in a handful of eco boutiques.   Menswear is our specialty and we are loyal to collecting and working with the highest quality, durable, and functional  hemp and natural textiles.   We work in conjunction with other micro-entrepreneurs, local to Eugene, Oregon, helping to support our economy. We take pride in designing and creating functional, comfortable, and stylish hemp clothing, just for you.
    Designer, seamstress and owner, Loralee Zeigler, has built her skills through networking within her textiles community, education at Lane Community College Fashion Design and Pattern Making program, and growing up in a household where making things was second nature.   Her inspiration comes from living and growing up in an alive, natural, and green environment, and being surrounded by a community which values supporting the local hemp and organic movement, and the rise of the ecoconscious customer base.  Her simple lifestyle, eye for beauty, and practicality is a reflection of Circle Creations clothing♥


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