About Us

Circle Creations is a small, family owned business that has been designing and producing hemp and natural fiber clothing since 1996.  Located in Eugene, Oregon, we specialize in menswear, organic underwear, and comfortable clothing to compliment your natural lifestyle.  We choose to work with eco friendly and ethically milled materials such as hemp, organic cotton, tencel and domestically milled wool.  We believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body, and our intent is to minimize the ecological footprint through using natural and organic fibers which are better for your health and the planet.  We are proudly a zero textile waste business, meaning that we carefully design to have less scrap and recycle all of what is leftover in the end.   With mountains of textile waste ending up in our landfills, and billions of microfibers in our oceans we know that what you wear matters. 
All of our clothing is locally made and dyed with low impact dyes in Oregon.  Designer, seamstress, and owner, Loralee, studied fashion design and pattern making at Lane Community College.  Our patterns are made from scratch and hand drawn.  Inspiration comes from living and growing up in the lush natural environments of the Pacific Northwest, and being in a community that values supporting the local hemp and organic movement.
If you happen to be in Eugene, Oregon, we are part of a collective boutique where you can find the Circle Creations clothing line, as well as a few other locally made organic clothing lines, art and vintage sterling silver jewelry.
3235 Donald St.
Eugene, OR 97405
Store Hours:
11-5:30 Wednesday-Saturday
Thank you for choosing Circle Creations eco conscious apparel which is made with Love.